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Ultra-rapid strength gain kerb ,step and floor repair mortar


RonaFloor Kerb Step and Floor Repair is a pre-packed polymer-modified mortar for repairing concrete kerbs, steps and floors. It is designed to achieve rapid strength gain and low-temperature use. Within one hour of mixing (depending on temperature), the material will have gained sufficient strength to take impact from foot and vehicle traffic and can be placed as thin as 6mm.

The speed of RonaFloor Kerb Step and Floor Repair makes it ideal for use on roads, motorways, slipways and ramps, tidal areas, airports and stations, in factories, warehouses and goods depots and in all other areas where speed and rapid strength gain is of paramount importance. After just 1-2 hours of mixing, the repair can be subjected to foot and vehicle traffic. As well as achieving rapid strength, it also works at low temperatures when conventional mortars cannot be used.


RonaFloor Kerb Step and Floor Repair can be used in most weather conditions and in a wide temperature range, from -2°C to 25°C and above. At high ambient temperatures, the working time of the mix will be considerably reduced; it will be increased at lower temperatures. Care must be taken when using RonaFloor Kerb Step And Floor Repair in extreme temperatures to ensure that the water used for damping, and the primer (if using), does not freeze or dry/evaporate on contact with the substrate. In very low temperatures for additional speed, warm water may be used for mixing.

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