Cement replacement system for rapid drying screeds


RonaScreed Rapid is a cement replacement for rapid drying screeds used when laying bonded, unbonded or floating screeds prior to the application of floor coverings such as LVT, carpet, timber, resin coatings and tiles. The fast drying properties allow screeds to be covered with moisture-sensitive finishes as early as one day after application.
RonaScreed Rapid may be used in residential and commercial environments, including shops, schools, factories, garages, leisure facilities, etc and is suitable for internal and external applications. RonaScreed Rapid does not produce a wearing screed, it is designed to be covered with a floor finish.

RonaScreed Rapid Mix Designs

RonaScreed Rapid20kg20kg20kg
0/8mm sand80kg110kg140kg
Water additionSee note belowSee note belowSee note below
Yield per mix0.05m30.06m30.08m3
Water addition will depend on the sand water content. To test for correct consistency a ball should be made of the mortar, squeezing of the ball should not produce free liquid. When the ball is pulled apart it should separate in two pieces without crumbling.

Performance data of RonaScreed Rapid mix designs

Foot traffic2-3 hours2-3 hours3-4 hours
Apply floor tiles after3 hours3 hours4 hours
Apply resilient flooring after24 hours24 hours36 hours
Compressive strength (28 days)50N/mm238N/mm225N/mm2
Flexural strength (28 days)11N/mm28.5N/mm26N/mm2
The data is based on drying @ 20°C and 60±5% relative humidity. Low temperature, high humidity, and changing the mix design will delay drying. The relative humidity (RH) at the surface of the screed should be measured with a hygrometer, as required by BS 8203 Annex B, before proceeding to lay floor coverings.

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